Restitution - A Search For Self-Love

Courtney begged to matter. It was only when Rebecca showed up, beaten and bruised, in the ditch that ran between their homes that Courtney realized: she wasn’t the only one. Together, they built a bridge—a physical bridge to hide beneath, as well as an emotional bridge to take them back to the little girls within themselves; the ones they’d had to leave behind in order to survive. A murder, an adoption, new friends, a paralyzing accident, teenage pregnancy, homelessness, and the haunting echoes of years of abuse come together in the story that follows a young girl and her friends discovering that, even against the odds, nothing is ever in vain.

Courtney Frey’s story, based on the truth of her own childhood and young adult life, demonstrates that finding love starts with purpose. The author conveys through her own character her search for that purpose, as well as the desire to be needed, wanted, loved, and validated—and how continually seeking those things dramatically shaped her formative years. In a story about searching for self-love, enduring family dysfunction, surviving abuse, and fighting back, Courtney Frey reveals to the reader the secrets of her emotional journey and how she discovered that writing was, at times, her only lifeline.

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Bridges - A Story That Became A Song...

Over a decade ago, Courtney wrote the lyrics to Bridges, as well as, part of the chorus to go with her story and what she knew in her heart she had to do. It has sat in a purple crate along with the manuscript of her book until the beginning of 2013. The time has come to build the bridge and to let others know they are not alone.

In June of 2013, a producer in Nashville, TN offered to help Courtney breathe life into this song. Kevin Ward, Founder and CEO of MixCoach, who has been in the music industry for over 20 years gathered with a few friends and spent an evening laying out the vocals and tracks to Bridges.

We have so much love and gratitude for those who freely gave of their time and talents to make Bridges a reality!

Songwriter: Courtney Frey

Producer: Kevin Ward, kiloWatt Studios

Recorded at: kiloWatt Studios, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Lead Vocals: Stephanie Sarsfield

Background Vocals: Stephanie Sarsfield, Janna Ward, Cindy Letson